ICT in management of farmhouse and Fishing Industry

ICT In Fishing Industry

Sensors are placed in different parts of the sea. These sensors convey information on fish concentration in the sea to the computers in fishing trawlers via internet.

ICT in management of farmhouse

Example 1 - RFID – Radio Frequency Identification Device

The RFID help in identifying and counting the number of animals and also in locating the animals in a large area.

Example 2 - Automated milking and examination of cows

This machine which is programmed to function automatically is helpful in monitoring the health status of the cows and the quality of milk. This also helps in milking cows.

Example 3 - For Security (Closed Circuit TV CCTV)

CCTV is employed to protect farm from the animals and thieves. When the cameras are connected by Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) the farm can be monitored far away from the farm.

Example 4 - Farm Management

Today’s farmer uses various computer applications in portable computers such as laptops, tabs, smart phones to keep track of information on his farm; to calculate profits and losses, to save employees salary details etc. Using this portable device which has internet connectivity, he is capable of monitoring the market rates, get updated on latest business information and exchange information.

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