ICT in Manufacturing Industry and Business

ICT in Manufacturing Industry and Business

ICT is used in manufacturing high quality products and reduce the cost of production by minimizing the use of human labour in many industries and businesses. Since high quality products are manufactured at low cost, people can buy good quality products at a relatively low price.

Let us see how technology is used in manufacturing;

In the past decades a high level of human labour was needed in the manufacturing industry. Today most of the work performed by the human hands are performed by robots.

Benifits of using robots;

  • 24 hour service,

  • Never get tired, 

  • Efficiency, 

  • Accuracy, 

  • Hygeine

Following pictures show how modern technology is used in production

Example 1 - Video Conferencing

This technology has enabled different business communities who are geographically separated to convene face to face meetings while in at their own premises. The advantages of this technology are, no need to convene at a special venue, saves time travelling, reducs travelling expenses etc.

Example 2 - Human Resource Managment

The administration of employee activities has become an easy task due to finger print scanner (used to register attendance) and Card Reader (Identity Management). These devices help in recording the times of employees moving in and moving out of the office premises, preparing salaries accordingly, keeping records of leave taking etc. Today, the above devices are not only used in the private sector but also in the public sector in Sri Lanka.
Example 3 - e-Banking System

e-Banking has helped both the business community and all other people to do convenient banking.
They are:
• The ability to withdraw cash anytime anywhere at ATM (Automatic Teller Machines) points.
• Since banks are connected via internet, inter banking or transactional activities are made possible even within Sri Lanka or abroad.
• When you are registered in a banking network, it gives one the opportunity to pay utility bills, inter-banking transactions, checking the account balance etc using mobile phones.

Example 4 - Online Shopping

Online shopping known as electronic commerce which allows foreign or local company to sell its products or services via internet and the ability for a consumer to buy goods and services via internet. A buyer can order goods or services of his choice from a convenient place.

The advantages of online shopping are:
• One can select any global commercial organization which is on the internet.
• Open 24 hours a day.
• able to see things and order at one’s convenient place.
• the ability to pay using the electronic payment methods such as credit cards.
• home delivery of goods. Because of these we can save on transport cost and avoid unnecessary travel related exhaustion.

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