ICT in Agricultural Industry

ICT in Agricultural Industry

ICT has created a new revolution in the field of agriculture. Today ICT is extensively used in agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries industries.

  ICT for farming:

A range of automatic machines are available today to ease the work of the farmer who worked hard in the field. These machines not only reduce the work of a farmer but also enables him to produce high quality yields.

Below is a some of the machines used in developed as well as developing countries.

Example 1 -

Meteorological Devices

These devices are helpful in assessing the weather, climatic changes, rainfall, wind direction etc. Such data are useful in deciding on the crop cultivation and harvesting times.

ICT in Agricultural Industry

Example 2 - Automated Insect Control Devices

With the help of this device we can minimize the harmful effects caused by insects. It displays on screen the density of insect population, its growth and movement

Example 3 - Field conditions measuring devices

These devices help in measuring various parameters such as fertility and humidity levels of soil which aid in the determination of cultivation activities.

Example 4 - Drip irrigation

These devices control the supply of water as per the data fed. Wastage of water and destruction of crops due to lack of water supply are minimized by the use of these devices.

Example 5 - Automatic Weed remover

This machine runs through the field and removes the weeds as per instructions provided by identifying crops and weeds separately.

Example 6 - Seedlings planter using Robotics

These robotic machines are used in large fields to carry seedlings across the field and to plant them in an orderly manner.

Example 7 - Crop harvesting using Robots

Robotic machines are used to monitor plant growth levels, record them and harvesting in large scale farm lands. These machines help us overcome difficulties in managing large farm lands.

Example 8 - Greenhouse

The Greenhouse is the best solution to protect crops from natural disasters (too much sun shine, rain, heat, cold, pests, epidemics etc). ICT is used to control light, moisture and air inside the greenhouse. Hence, farmers are able to make high quality products of rare crops to the market.

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