Applications in the field of education

Applications in the field of education

Days are gone when we were stuck among piles of books in order to collect the required information. Today you have the luxury of seeing the entire world at your own convenience, due to all the advancements of ICT. There are many ways as to how ICT helps you in your education. Let us look at some of them:

a) In the classroom

There are many ways the computer and the internet are used for education
in the classroom:

  •  For presentations

  • Videos on experiments

  • Creation of images and video

  • Desktop publishing of magazines, letters and

  • Educational games (Edutainment)

  • Learning using the CD-ROM media

  • Gathering educational information on the

b) Education - any where anytime

If you have a computer with internet connection, you can study while at home or any other convenient place. For this, you can use the following educational websites to do self study and improve your knowledge.




You can contact with a teacher/trainer via internet. This is called WBT(Web based Training). While you can do further studies using WBT, it helps in minimizing the difficulties of travelling and related expenses also. At the same time, it helps save time and money.

c) Serves as a teaching aid for the teacher

  • ICT is used mostly as a teaching aid in schools.Using pictures, animations and audio-visuals

  • explain subjects that are difficult
    to explain.

  • To make the lessons interesting using

  • To organize lessons using the computer.

  • To obtain the information which are
    relevant to the subjects.
d) Learning Management

In many countries it has become a common practice to use a Learning Manage the System (LMS) to manage school system or higher education system. We need an internet connection to link with the LMS. A person has to register
himself/herself on the official website to access LMS of a school or any other education institutions. According to the picture 1.14, teachers and students can get many services from LMS.

e) Higher education for everyone

With the development of ICT, today a person from any country can connect with a university or any other learning center of his choice and pursue higher education at a considerably low cost. This is called Online Distance Learning.

Features of Distance Learning:

• No daily time tables, provide the facility to learn
at your convenience.

• Digital library facility on joining a course.

• Online assignments and quizes.

• Contact with a teacher online.

• Easy to obtain teacher consultations
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