Flutter: A Mac operated with hand movements

The technology is advancing steadily, we all know that. Thus, according to rumors Apple TV on the market that you can control using hand movements. The question is: Can this be? The answer is yes! You can because these movements already use on your Mac using the free application Flutter.


Thanks to this application it is possible to start or pause music using a hand movement and iSight / FaceTime present in your Mac.

What’s Flutter?

Flutter is a free application that allows you with a hand-shake music and video can start and pause. The application works with iTunes, Quicktime, Spotify and VLC player.


Time being you can only start or pause a song, namely Flutter is still in its early stages, at this moment we are being tested with different hand movements for the next update of Flutter. So the next update also allow the next song to play.

The use of whistler is very simple. After installing this application, you can open it. The webcam will be activated and will automatically detect hand movements. If your iTunes or any of the other above applications can start using your palm a second for the webcam to keep a track start or pause. This operation works best when the palm approximately 30-100 cm from the webcam is removed.


In the menu bar of OS X is the Flutter-icon present. By clicking here you can select the ‘Auto start at login’ option. Flutter This will start automatically when you boot OS. From this menu it is possible to temporarily disable Flutter, you do this by selecting “Turn camera off ‘option.

The application scores very well in the Mac App Store, and even by Apple mentions one of the best free applications.

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